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On Happiness: A Journey Within

It is in those bitter-sweet spots, when we get curious, we expand; and when we are desperate, we uncover, re-discover. Realizing happiness is part of our natural state, and a journey within.  

offering to past, present, future, here now
What if you don't cling to any thought about what is part of the past, just leave it. And the concerns of next, if you don't grasp to "next"?

At the core of our existence lies the radiant glow of truth, a persistent spark that illuminates our journey through life. A truth that often reveals itself in moments of desperation, when we find ourselves stripped bare, raw, and crumbling.

It is, during these times of emptiness, when a new invitation finally lands: to search, to learn, and to reframe.

Curiosity, an intrinsic virtue,  serves as our guide in the pursuit of revelations. Yet, it’s precisely in moments of desperation that we truly pull out the depths of our capabilities. Ironic and cosmic flow between the two, a delicate balance that shapes our understanding of the world and ourselves.

In every season, a silent whisper beckons us to turn inward, to embark on a journey of introspection. The essence of living, it seems, lies not in external validations but in the profound exploration of our internal landscapes. The gem that uncertain periods hold, relies in the decision of living from the inside out rather than succumbing to the pressures of living from the outside in.

How often do we find ourselves merely tiptoeing  the surface of our potential, gliding through life without diving into the richness that lies beneath?

What if, just for a twist, we could let go of the burdens of the past and the anxieties of the future? What if, in the present, we allowed ourselves to be shapeless, free from the constraints of preconceived notions and addiction to “what’s next”?

Transformation journey dragonfly. Trusting
Magically, and unexpectedly, after the fuzzing and fighting... Things begin to align themselves within your heart.

The path to rewilding and stepping back into our truest colors, it appears, involves a radical departure from the constant chatter of past and future thoughts. By redirecting our attention to the heart of our awareness, we unravel a stillness that is inherent in our very being. It's a stillness that, when acknowledged, weaves a subtle magic within us, aligning the chaotic elements of our existence.

To root ourselves in self-awareness is to embrace the ancient truth, that happiness is our natural state. Becoming aware of our existence here now, -breathing, being safe-, we find a oneness that transcends mere knowing; a state of bliss where the dance of personhood takes a backseat to the inherent stillness within.

A life-long expedition through recognition of the self that goes beyond the superficial layers of our identity. As we surf the twists and turns of life, may we not forget to turn our gaze inward, to touch the core of our hidden but still lighting spark. In doing so, we might uncover the secret to living a life where happiness is not just an occasional visitor but an ever-present companion.

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