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Ode to Cacao

Updated: Apr 14

Heavenly drink, elixir from the stars, vital seed, divine nectar, drink of the gods, panacea for universal medicine…

Since ancient times, cacao has been used in a ceremonial way to connect with the presence of infinite love.

Cacao ceremony?

An opportunity to connect with yourself by opening your heart; Cacao, when drunk, strengthens the connection to our heart, which invites us to delve into transformative processes, whether it is the understanding of who we are, releasing patterns, or opening new paths of personal growth. Whatever our journey, once the intention is planted in the cacao ceremony, the energy is directed toward the highest good.

Heart opening

Cacao opens the heart and allows you to reconnect with yourself and with others on a deeper, more loving level.

Concentration and meditation

Cocoa increases concentration by promoting a direct connection with your inner wisdom, which, in meditative states, has restorative effects on the body, mind, and spirit.


By enhancing the ability to flow with the present moment, Cacao can function as a link to inspiration, creative processes, and new ideas.

Mental clarity

Cacao in everyday life, as an alternative to coffee, promotes a balance between clarity and calm. It helps to identify and remember talents, skills, and abilities related to our mission in life.


The small amount of caffeine found in cacao, in combination with theobromine, makes a fusion that gives you an energy boost, without the crash.


It is said that the spirit of cacao shows us where the heart is blocked. It is a teacher who acts in a soft and non-imposing manner. It can serve as a guide to evolve, more aware of what we have been holding, and of what obstructs the path of self-love; and at the same time, it provides the strength to let it all go.

What then is a cacao ceremony?

It is a ritual based on ancestral holistic healing practices, used by indigenous cultures from different parts of the world. These types of practices rebalance the subtle energies of the body, heal, reconnect us to our hearts, and help us look inward.

Its natural compounds produce a certain euphoria, with a profound emotional impact. Everything is perceived more, emotionally and physically. Some describe it as a flower that opens, an experience of love and empathy that is unleashed toward oneself. It allows you to discover new perspectives, to drop negative patterns or blockages. It facilitates creative processes, leads to meditative states, and improves mood from a vision of self-love and gratitude.

Working with the spirit of cacao implies the adventure of embarking on an inward journey to discover the wisdom that the heart holds.

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