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Practice With Me

Eka pada Rajakapotasana

I share practices that I have discovered along this journey, which help me be a more present, more patient, more compassionate and more dynamic human being.


It is through the exploration of the body-mind connection, along with meeting our subtle energies in breath, meditation, and intentional movement, where ancient practices come alive for us to create clarity and serenity within.


We practice, to rewild our true nature, growing as individuals and as a more conscious community.

Yoga Lessons

Yoga practice as a space to feel better. To heal & become empowered by our humanity. Think guided pranayama, flowing sequences, challenging poses, relaxation pauses, and meditations opening us into a healthier lifestyle. Keeping the fun, of course.


Come join me at Kopo Yoga in Playa Del Carmen. Get immersed into Yoga as a full experience with:

Dharma traditional style | Power Vinyasa | Yoga drills

*All classes are multilevel.

Drop–In: $200MXN,

Mat rental: $30MXN

Adriana Zavala @ Kopo Yoga Mexico

Private Workshops

A solid foundation, deeper roots with conscious movement, to explore different areas and body limits.


Come and spend 2 hours learning and decomposing yoga asanas & transitions to understand how to adapt them to your very own practice and body structure.


Backbends, inversions, arm balances, fluid transitions… My workshops are designed to be suitable for all levels and styles of yogis.


Let’s breakdown from basic components to get deeper, find ease in postures, and move beyond limits to make your practice, a lush experience.


Workshop : $1,000MXN 

Reach me on Whatsapp to book your spot! +52 551389 3647

Experiences, Ceremonies, Retreats

Weaving together powerful practices, intentions, emotions, and ancient wisdom, serving as a container to honor and integrate life as it happens.


I host experiences that combine mindfulness, creativity, and fun, surrounded by the sense of community and interconnectedness among everything.


Wellness retreats in the middle of the jungle, cacao ceremonies, Yoga & Meditation activations…


Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Cacao Ceremony Altar
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