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Echoes of uncertain winds. Soothing a broken heart

The endeavor to be 'enough' — to resonate, to fulfill, to satiate — is both noble and heartrending. Yet, as days meld seamlessly into nights, as the tapestry of experiences grows richer, a quiet epiphany unfurls its wings: the metric of our value isn’t tethered to another’s perception.

Freedom. New winds ahead.
Forgiveness is not condoning. Is no longer expecting something from the past. Letting go, allowing life to recalibrate again. That is the way for soothing a broken heart.

In the labyrinth of moments that constitute our lives, there exists a poignant recognition: sometimes, the profoundest bonds are ensnared not by destiny’s design, but by the mysterious whims of timing. Like threads woven in haste, we often find ourselves entangled, attempting to mold our essence to fit snugly into another's expectations, only to discover that such contortions render our authentic selves unrecognizable.

As ironic as it might sound, the wound is the medicine. It’s right there, on these broken- crumbling times, where we need to let go to radically accept that even though it doesn’t feel good now… the gift of the pain holds ancient wisdom: one need not extinguish their flame to illuminate another's path.

Like an extinguished fire… the ashes are calling to be blown to light up again… at their own pace. The essence lies not in clinging to what might have been, but in embracing the transformative power of allowing. An acknowledgment, not of guilt or failure, but of growth. The grieving is not an option, but the pathway. And yes, we might not recognize ourselves; yes, me might not even want to keep going… but as part of this life´s promise: we´ll get through this one too. Magic can be redone. Cause we are the magician.

Blessing, releasing what no longer brings us peace. And while navigating winds of memories, aspirations and all the possible compassion, there will be a day where we feel better. Existence: continues. And there is a whole canvas awaiting fresh strokes, unburdened by the weight of past sketches.

Remember this

There is no quick fix for soothing a broken heart. Resistance, only adds pressure. Dear one, this moment in time can feel blurry, and yet, it is the perfect soil to calmly, and tenderly, plant the seeds for a clearer version of you.


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