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Restore Retreat

Release, Reimagine, Reconnect


$2,400 USD


4 Days


12/6/23, 1:00 PM

About the Retreat

A retreat about returning to the home inside our heart. A journey of empowerment, reconnection, uncovering veils of fixed expectations, and rewilding our vision towards creating a softer, and fertile ground to weave a life of possibilities. Expanding from our true essence and becoming aware of the potential we have when we decide to elevate each other, wholeheartedly.

An invitation to Self-discovery, throughout ancient knowledge, movement, mindful practices and sharing life lessons. Because, when women gather, magic unravels.

4 days where strangers will become sisters who, altogether, co-create a vessel to manifest a brighter, wilder, empowered, and upraised version of themselves.

Daily Yoga & mediation, conscious meals, introspection, Nature, mind-body wellbeing workshops, and healing, explored though a plethora of curated tools.

All of this, surrounded by the unique energizing vibe of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Your Instructors

I share practices that I have discovered along this journey, which help me be a more present, more patient, more compassionate and more dynamic human being.

Adriana Zavala

Adriana Zavala

‘Nikki’ is a martial artist, health enthusiast and Founder of WMN Unite, a nonprofit organization based in New York.

Adriana Zavala

Nicole ‘Nikki' Sturomski


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