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Adriana Zavala

Hello! I'm Adri, a branding and digital marketing consultant in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I'm passionate about collaborating on projects to elevate them through strategies and authenticity. Added to this story is YOGA. As the core and as the path.

Interweaving my passions for Yoga and Conscious Branding, a way to integrate both emerged, each from its own realm of service.

From digital strategy, content creation, social media consulting; to co-creation of wellness experiences and Yoga sessions... the result? A personalized approach to manifest visions towards congruent objectives.


----- Dharma Yoga & Digital Marketing

What I Do

Social Media Strategy

Get a personalized social media strategy. Tell us your vision, and we'll help you identify your target audience, suitable platforms, create intentional content, and, as a result, capitalize on a digital community.

Content Creation

We create personalized content that aligns with specific communication goals. Together, we identify key themes that are optimized for SEO, and then use them as a guide for the content across each digital channel.

WebSite Design

We will create a website aligned with your brand identity that is easy to navigate and optimized for SEO.

Analyze Your Data

Reports and analysis based on tactics and actions with recommendations to guide digital efforts towards defined goals.

Social Media Workshops

Personalized sessions to analyze your social media, define key points in terms of communication, Q&A, and create a manual with an action plan and specific recommendations.

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My name is Adry

I have worked with different types of projects, ranging from startups to internationally recognized brands, allowing me to identify the challenges that arise at each stage of evolution.

Social media consulting, SEO, website design, brand presence, and launches – that's where I come in. My vision entails strategic synergy where I share tools, action plans, and follow-up to make things happen and see results.

In another part of this story, Yoga found me when I was 13 years old, and my life has revolved around it ever since. I have spent years in continuous learning, unlearning, constant practice, and studies. I have had several inspiring teachers who helped me explore this rugged, raw, and wonderful path.


Currently, I share Yoga as an 800 RYT and focus on styles such as Dharma Yoga, Hatha-Vinyasa, and Power Vinyasa. Going beyond the mat, I specialize in logistics and planning wellness adventures. Creative concepts, requirements, heavenly locations, instructors, artists, menus, expeditions, and group hosting... I'm your retreat planner. Do you have any natural-holistic experiences in mind? Let's chat!

What else is possible?...

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Pampas Grass

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