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Adriana Zavala, Yoga, Cacao, Words

Adri doing vrksasana
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I am a life enthusiast, Writer, Practitioner, Teacher, and Cacao Alchemist.


Yoga found me when I was 13 years old and my whole life evolved around it ever since. 


It's been years of ongoing learning, unlearning, constant practice and studies. I had several inspiring teachers & mentors who helped me exploring this path, it's been a hard but rewarding journey. I am now 800 RYT Instructor, and I teach Dharma Yoga, Hatha – Vinyasa, and Power Vinyasa in Playa Del Carmen.


Later in life, while living in Guatemala, I was given the opportunity to go deeper into the art of Cacao, side to side with the Mayan cacao Tatas (grandfathers) who taught me everything about this ancestral medicine.

Nowadays, I lead ceremonies, activations, and educational workshops, so that cacao reaches more people and softens more hearts.

By practicing a devoted discipline and deep respect for the teachings of Yoga and Cacao, I focus on offering tools that might work as support and guidance towards life´s ebbs and flows. To me, both will always be the reminder and the spark that invites one to go deep, to feel it all, and then heal by listening to the callings from Spirits.

“Dear one, you are not wrong to want to return into your shelter. You are not even wrong to want to answer the whispers within your bones. Not a revolution, but an evolution. It is the call to the wilderness that lives inside of you. Breathe it all in, exhale it all out. Feel. Go live.“

Adri doing Vrishikasana

And we are here, to exist beyond expectation, give beyond hope, love without boundaries.
To craft, to explore, to fall, to dream, even with our fears.


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